Professor Dorothy Russell

Dorothy Russell (1895-1983), one of the leading figures in the brief history of British neuropathology, is remembered by the Society in a biennial Memorial Lecture.

So rapid is progress in the Neurosciences and so short our memories, that for a younger generation of neuropathologists she is probably no more than a name associated with a large recently revised textbook on brain tumours. However, together with Godwin Greenfield, Dorothy Russell had a profound and lasting influence on the development and practice of Neuropathology throughout the world.

This lecture is delivered every second year by a distinguished speaker, invited to present the lecture at the annual meeting of the Society.

The Academic Committe presents nominations for agreement by the full BNS committee.

The lecturer is awarded a special medal which is engraved with their name and the date of the lecture.

Jan 1987 – Professor Lucien Rubenstein

Brain tumours

Jan 1989- Professor Sir Bernard Tomlinson

The neuropathology of Alzheimer’s disease: some issues in need of resolution

Jan 1990 – Dr EP Richardson, Jr

Huntington’s disease: some new neuropathological observations

Jan 1992 – Professor Martin Raff

Control of cell survival, proliferation and differentiation in the developing mammalian central nervous system

Dec 1993 – Professor Brian H Anderton

Molecular pathology of Alzheimer’s disease – are we any closer to understanding the degenerative process?

Jan 1996 – Professor Paul Kleihues

Tumours of the nervous system: from phenotype to genotype.

Jan 1998 – Professor Tracy McIntosh

The cellular and molecular consequences of traumatic brain injury.

Sept 2000 – Dr Andrew Wiley

Apoptosis and CNS disease

Jan 2002 – Dr J Golden

Genetics of abnormal brain development.

Jan 2004 - Dr Jack Griffin

Remak’s bundle and C fibre nociception: Neuropathology of the small fibre

Jan 2006 – Professor Otmar Wiestler

The frontiers of brain tumour research.

Jan 2008 – Professor Herbert Budka

The role of the Pathologist in the investigation and diagnosis of human prion diseases.

Jan 2010- Professor Eliezer Masliah

Mechanisms of neurodegeneration and therapeutic approaches for reversing the synaptic damage in Alzheimer’s disease.

Jan 2012- Professor Andreas von Deimling

Relevance of molecular markers for brain tumour diagnostics- the potential of mutation specific antibodies H09 (IDH1R132H) and VE1 (BRAFV600E)

Mar 2014- Professor Douglas Smith

Tackling concussion: Neuromechanics and Neuropathology

Mar 2016- Professor Claude Wischik

Pharmaceutical implications of the paradigm shift in understanding and treatment of late life neurodegenerative disorders

Mar 2018. Professor Ingmar Bluncke

The challenges facing the neuropathologist in the modern era of epilepsy surgery