Professor Dorothy Russell

Dorothy Russell (1895-1983), one of the leading figures in the brief history of British neuropathology, is remembered by the Society in a biennial Memorial Lecture.

So rapid is progress in the Neurosciences and so short our memories, that for a younger generation of neuropathologists she is probably no more than a name associated with a large recently revised textbook on brain tumours. However, together with Godwin Greenfield, Dorothy Russell had a profound and lasting influence on the development and practice of Neuropathology throughout the world.

This lecture is delivered every second year by a distinguished speaker, invited to present the lecture at the annual meeting of the Society.

The Academic Committe presents nominations for agreement by the full BNS committee.

The lecturer is awarded a special medal which is engraved with their name and the date of the lecture.

Jan 1987 – Professor Lucien Rubenstein

Brain tumours

Jan 1989- Professor Sir Bernard Tomlinson

The neuropathology of Alzheimer’s disease: some issues in need of resolution

Jan 1990 – Dr EP Richardson, Jr

Huntington’s disease: some new neuropathological observations

Jan 1992 – Professor Martin Raff

Control of cell survival, proliferation and differentiation in the developing mammalian central nervous system

Dec 1993 – Professor Brian H Anderton

Molecular pathology of Alzheimer’s disease – are we any closer to understanding the degenerative process?

Jan 1996 – Professor Paul Kleihues

Tumours of the nervous system: from phenotype to genotype.

Jan 1998 – Professor Tracy McIntosh

The cellular and molecular consequences of traumatic brain injury.

Sept 2000 – Dr Andrew Wiley

Apoptosis and CNS disease

Jan 2002 – Dr J Golden

Genetics of abnormal brain development.

Jan 2004 - Dr Jack Griffin

Remak’s bundle and C fibre nociception: Neuropathology of the small fibre

Jan 2006 – Professor Otmar Wiestler

The frontiers of brain tumour research.

Jan 2008 – Professor Herbert Budka

The role of the Pathologist in the investigation and diagnosis of human prion diseases.

Jan 2010 - Professor Eliezer Masliah

Mechanisms of neurodegeneration and therapeutic approaches for reversing the synaptic damage in Alzheimer’s disease.

Jan 2012 - Professor Andreas von Deimling

Relevance of molecular markers for brain tumour diagnostics- the potential of mutation specific antibodies H09 (IDH1R132H) and VE1 (BRAFV600E)

Mar 2014 - Professor Douglas Smith

Tackling concussion: Neuromechanics and Neuropathology

Mar 2016 - Professor Claude Wischik

Pharmaceutical implications of the paradigm shift in understanding and treatment of late life neurodegenerative disorders

Mar 2018 - Professor Ingmar Bluncke

The challenges facing the neuropathologist in the modern era of epilepsy surgery

March 2020 - Professor Virginia Man-Yee Lee

Transmission of Misfolded Proteins in Neurodegenerative Disorders: A Common Mechanism of Disease Progression

March 2022 - Professor Arie Perry

WHO 2021, A Diagnostic Odyssey

Jan 2024 - Professor Anthony Schapira (UCL, UK)

Parkinson’s disease gut brain axis