The British Neuropathological Society funds a large number of grants through various award schemes. This page provides information on the scale of our activities. For more information on how to apply, please click here.

The BNS has awarded more than £300,000 in research and travel grants over the past 10 years.

More than a 100 individuals have received grants over this period.

Last year, 15 research applications were awarded in total.

This included 8 small research grants and 5 travel grants.

Small research grants totalled £37,275 in value this year.

Generous funding from the BNS enabled Irina Vazquez-Villasenor to investigate “Neuronal Senescence as a Contributor to Neurodegeneration in Motor Neurone Disease”. This study aimed to determine whether a persistent DNA damage response and senescence pathway activation are features of motor neurone disease (MND).

Irina presented her research at the BNS meeting in 2016 and was awarded a prize for her poster. A manuscript of this work is currently under review in NAN.

Click here to find out more about Irina’s research.

Applicants in previous years



Name Institution Project title Award
Gabrielle Cruickshank / Kathryn Urankar Bristol Can p16 immunostaining predict the CDKN2A deletion status in neuropathological malignancies? £5,000
Simon Deacon / Simon Paine Nottingham The development of confident nanopore-based intra-operative classification of CNS tumours £4,996.68
Casmir Turnquist / Olaf Ansorge Oxford Spatial transcriptomics of mesenchymal chondrosarcoma (MCS) £5,000
Jonathan Attwood / Gabriele Carmine De Luca Oxford Long-term neuropathological outcomes of traumatic brain injury in veterans £5,000
Elliot Kearney / David Parkinson Plymouth Testing the role of macrophages in driving schwannoma tumour growth. £4,787
Yen Goh / Zane Jaunmuktane UCL Optical clearing and 3D imaging of skin tissue to improve small fibre neuropathy diagnosis £4,965
Teisha Bradshaw / Rina Bandopadhyay UCL Investigation of CoAlated proteins in neurodegenerative disorders £5,000
Patrick Cullinane / Sebastian Brandner UCL Nanopore sensing of α-synuclein post-translational modifications £5,000
Saisha Patel / Karen Duff UCL DRI Characterising the Molecular Signatures of thorn-shaped astrocytes in neurodegenerative diseases using Spatial Transcriptomics £4,917
Asem Sharef / Adele Pryce Roberts Cardiff Investigation of APOE44-related astrocytic phenotypes in human post-mortem tissue £4,946



Applicant Name Institution Title Value
Ebanks/ Bandopadhyay UCL Investigation of the role of lipid dyshomeostasis in Parkinson’s disease: comparison with with other related neurodegenerative diseases 5,000
Todd/ Outero Newcastle Quantification of nuclear alpha-synuclein with DNA double strand breaks in cases of Dementia with Lewy Bodies and controls. 4,896
Robinson/ Kurian Bristol Association between Genetically Proxied Imaging-Derived Phenotypes and Glioblastoma Risk 5,000
Shamsi/ Adams Keele Establishing scalable, in vitro models for assessing neuropathological responses to nanotherapies 4,865
Smith/ Erskine Newcastle Using a novel in vitro model of mitochondrial dysfunction to translate neuropathological observation to therapeutic development in mitochondrial epilepsy 5,000
Van Meter/ Highley Sheffield Chronic traumatic encephalopathy in the population and MND-TDP patients. 5,000
Vinel/ Marino Queen Mary Characterisation of glioblastoma-induced sarcopenia. 4,990.56
Walker Newcastle Investigating the role of cellular senescence in Lewy body dementia 4,650
Matthew Clarke Inst Canc Res Lonodn The classification and characterisation of high-grade gliomas in teenagers and young adults. 5000
Benjamin Cooze Swansea Identifying gene targets and biological pathways that dictate the extent of neuronal loss in multiple sclerosis. 4200
Hussain/ Carare Southampton si RNAs in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases 5,000
Kennedy/ Troakes Kings Intensive physical activity stress as a risk factor for ALS – a neuropathological investigatio 5000
Olkhova / Erskine Newcastle Investigating the mechanisms underlying neuronal dysfunction and neurodegeneration in mitochondrial disease 5000


Vinton Cheng/ Azzam Ismail Leeds Histological and molecular characterisation of the hypoxic and inflammatory microenvironment at the brain tumour margin £5,000
Sarah Howard/ Jessica Teeling Southampton Investigating the role of neuroinflammation on the accumulation and spread of tau pathology £3,903
Alexander J Matthews/ Kathryn Urankar Bristol Investigating an Immunohistochemical Surrogate Marker Me3″ to Distinguish Oligodendrogliomas from Astrocytomas” £5,000
Alex Waldman/ Gabriele De Luca Oxford Biomarkers and molecular mediators of neurodegeneration in multiple sclerosis £5,000
Zeinab Abdi/ Tammaryn Lashley UCL Posterior cortical atrophy; a pathological characterisation £5,000
Mayen Briggs/ A Lakatos Cambridge Human tissue validation of astrocyte phenotypes and pathological states relevant to ALS pathogenesis £5,000
Annelies Quaegebeur Oxford Characterisation of microglial activation and synapse loss in progressive supranuclear palsy £4,956.84
Alexander Bampton/ Rina Bandopadhyay UCL Using in situ hybridisation to detect and visualise novel cryptic exons and to delineate the spatial relationship between cryptic exons and dementia pathologies £4,952
James Minshull/ A Robinson Manchester APOE genotyping from formalin fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue – Maximising the use of donated human brain tissue £4,802.30


Rina Bandopadhyay UCL n.a. Investigation of the pathological significance of vesicular dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease £5,000
Rachel Ann Kline Edinburgh Thomas Wishart Investigating therapy-driven changes in cell populations at spatial resolution in glioblastoma brain tumours  £5,000
Shoaib Ali Ajaib Leeds Lucy Stead Investigating therapy-driven changes in cell populations at spatial resolution in glioblastoma brain tumours  £4,800
Carmine Antonio Donofrio Manchester Federico Roncaroli Pathological and molecular stratification of ACTH-secreting pituitary tumours to predict recurrence after bilateral adrenalectomy  £4,595
Lara Marrone Sheffield Mimoun Azzouz Identification of compounds reversing lysosomal pathology in Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia type 15  £5,000



Devina Patel UCL Rahul Phadke Developing a multiplex in situ hybridisation assay £5,000
Conceicao Bettencourt UCL Janice Holton Parkinsonian epigenetic networks (PARKepiNets) £5,000
Sarah Howard Southampton Jessica Teeling Investigating the role of neuroinflammation on the accumulation and spread of tau pathology £4,908.16
Hanyi Jiang Imperial Javier Alegre Abarrategui Development of assays for the direct visualization of early TDP43 protein aggregates in post-mortem tissue £5,000
Elisavet Velentza-Almpani Imperial Javier Alegre Abarrategui Spatiotemporal distribution and relationship to brain immunity of early tau aggregates £5,000
Charlotte Dawson Sheffield Robin Highley Clinical and pathological relationships in motor neurone disease £5,000
Toomey / Lashley UCL Tammaryn Lashley Targeting lipids as potential biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease  £4,650
Olivia Jennings Sheffield Julie Simpson Blood-brain barrier dysfunction the the ageing brain £5,000
Connor Scott Oxford Olaf Ansorge Investigating the transcriptome of the giant pyramidal Betz cell in human post-mortem brains £5,000


Ketan Dipak Jetwa Nottingham Ian Scott High-resolution structural and spectroscopic magnetic resonance imaging of the nucleus basalis in health and disease. £4,000
Kirsty McAleese Newcastle Johannes Attems The impact of concomitant TDP-43 pathology on tau pathology and cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease. £4,795
Miles Frost Southampton Roxana Carare The pattern of adrenergic innervation in human brains. £5,000
Kastytis Sidlauskas Southampton Delphine Boche Microglia/macrophage immunophenotypes in glioblastoma and their association with clinical outcome. £5,000
Eleanor Schaber Sheffield Robin Highley DNA hydroxymethylation in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a pathological study into the role of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine and its related enzymes. £3,500
Shivank Keni Edinburgh Colin Smith A radiological, histological and molecular characterisation of the blood brain barrier in glioblastoma multiforme. £5,000
Matthew Nolan Oxford Olaf Ansorge Somatic mosaicism of the human ALS Brain. £4,980
Rohith Srinivasan Sheffield Julie Simpson Dysregulation of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) expression in the ageing brain £5,000


Postdoctoral small grants:

Athanasios Alexandris, Differential expression of galanin in the human cholinergic basal forebrain in Lewy body dementias, AD and dementia of mixed origin (AD/DLB)

Lida Zoupi, Grey Matter synaptopathy in MS: Synaptic profiles in damage and repair

Lindsey Sinclair, Are visual hallucinations in Alzheimer’s a result of decreased cholinergic input to visual processing areas of the brain?


March round

Suvi Hokkanen, Genetic risk factors of the old-age hippocampal sclerosis, Cambridge

Julie Simpson, Neuronal Senescence as a Contributor to Neurodegeneration in Motor Neurone Disease, Sheffield

Difei Wang, e-Learning the molecular pathology of brain tumours, Royal London


March round

Dr Yvonne Dombrowski (Dr Denise Fitzgerald), Queen’s University, Belfast. Identifying neuropathological mechanisms underlying paralysis following Treg depletion.

Dr Ashirwad Merve (Prof Silvia Marino), Blizard Institute, Barts and The London School of Medicine, London. Role of c-Myc in choroid plexus tumours.


March round

Veronica Roberts: Is head shaking in horses, like trigeminal neuralgia in people, caused by trigeminal nerve root demyelination?

Claire Rice: Relevance of mitochondrial sirtuins to the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis

Simon Paine: Novel co-regulated gene networks in epileptic cortex: insights into FCD and brain development


September round

Harry Haynes, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol: Identification of EGFR/EGFRvIII mutations in glioblastoma multiforme as progonostic and predictive biomarkers

Owain Howell, University of Swansea/University of Cardiff: Development of a tissue microarray for biomarker discovery in multiple sclerosis