Why become a member of the BNS ?

  • The aims of the BNS are to further the study of neuropathology and to promote the exchange of scientific and professional information.
  • By becoming a member you will receive regular emails of BNS news, updates and future neuropathology meetings.
  • Being a BNS member can mean reduced registration rates for some neuroscience meetings
  • You will receive the society journal ‘ Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology’
  • You will be eligible to apply for BNS grants and bursaries
  • You will be eligible for election as an officer at one of the BNS committees to become a voice of the society and its running
  • You will have access to BNS restricted area on the website to all archived and historical documents

Types of Membership

Ordinary members

  • Neuropathologists and trainees, general pathologists with interest in neuropathology and other clinical neurology and neuroscience research disciplines with a strong and practical or research interest in Neuropathology.
  • Annual subscription will include the subscription to the Society Journal .
  • Full member – £85
  • Early careers researcher (trainees, PhD student or upto three years post PhD) – £30
  • Contact the BNS secretary for any queries regarding ways to pay your membership subscription.

Honorary members

  • Ordinary Members may become Honorary Members on retirement by application to the Society Committee

How to apply for membership

  • Please submit your details on the form below.
  • You will need to attach a brief curriculum vitae including publications list and statement of involvement in neuropathology practice or research.
  • You will need to provide confirmation of support from
  • Two Ordinary Members of the BNS.
  • For applicants who do not have BNS members as sponsors : You will need to provide the names of two senior academic or clinical colleagues within you  Institution who can  provide references for you.

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