Here are some of the best pictures from our archive, which highlight some key moments in the history of neuropathology and the BNS.

Dorothy S. Russell’s illustrations for a paper on microglia from 1925

Her paper on ‘Intravital Staining of Microglia with Trypan Blue’ was published in 1929 by the American Journal of Pathology. You can find it here.

Second meeting of the Neuropathology Club at the Maudsley Hospital in 1951.
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J. Godwin Greenfield at the optical bench camera with Dr Milton Shy

This optical camera was much prized and essential for taking photos of large celloidin sections.

Fourth Meeting of the General Council of the International Society of Neuropathology held in the Council Room of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest. 1974. (courtesy of Wm. Blackwood)

Note the bottles of coke on the table, which were not available in the Soviet bloc at the time

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