Professor Alfred Meyer

Alfred Meyer (1895-1990) was a German-born British neuropathologist. As a prominent member of the British neuropathological Society, his contribution is remembered in a biennial memorial lecture. His most significant work was on the anatomical aspects of frontal leucotomy and the nature of the structural abnormalities in the brain associated with temporal-lobe epilepsy. Meyer was born in Krefeld. His successful early career was threatened by the rise of the Nazis, and he escaped to the UK in 1933, beginning work at the Maudsley Hospital, London. His study of frontal leucotomy led to a classic book on the subject with Elizabeth Beck, published in 1954; and he undertook pioneering work on the pathology of epilepsy while professor of neuropathology at the Institute of Psychiatry.

This lecture is delivered every second year by a distinguished speaker, invited to present the lecture at one of the annual meetings of the Society. The Academic Committe presents nominations for agreement by the full BNS committee. The lecturer is awarded a special medal which is engraved with their name and the date of the lecture.

March 2023 - Prof Werner Stenzel

March 2021 - Professor Gabor Kovacs

The neuropathological landscape of tau-protein related conditions

Mar 2019 - Professor Andrew Copp

Neural Tube Defects

UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, UK

Mar 2017 – Professor Harry Vinters

The neuropathology of vascular dementia and vascular cognitive impairment.

Chief of Neuropathology UCLA Medical Center UCLA

Mar 2015 - Professor Doug Turnbull

Advances in mitochondrial disease and new therapies.

Mar 2013 - Professor Pamela Shaw

Prospects for therapy development and CNS delivery in motor neuron diseases.

Jan 2011 - Professor Hans Lassmann

Mechanisms of tissue injury in multiple sclerosis.

Jan 2009 – Professor Dennis Dickson

Neuropathology of familial parkinsonism.

Jan 2007 – Professor Bernardino Ghetti

Dementia – a wider view.

Jan 2005 - Professor John Hardy

Genetic variability at the loci causing Mendelian disease contributes to the risk of sporadic disease.

Dec 2002 – Professor James Lowe

Genetic influences on regulation of protein degradation in the brain.

Jan 2001 – Professor Colin Blakemore

Development of the cerebral cortex: clues to the pathology of cognition.

Dec 1998 – Dr Stephen Dunnett

Functional repair of the damaged brain.

Jan 1997 – Professor John Collinge

The Molecular Pathology of Prion Diseases.

Jan 1995 – Professor Brian S Meldrum

The Cause and Effects of Epileptic Brain Damage.