119th Meeting of the BNS

 March 28th Feb – 2nd March,

Institute of Child Health, London.

Proceedings commenced on the afternoon of Wednesday 28th February with a Symposium entitled “Epilepsy Neuropathology Symposium” organised by Professor Maria Thom, UCL Institute of Neurology. Talks included Recent advances in low grade tumors causing epilepsy : Tom Jacques, Institute of Child Health, UCL London,  mTOR pathway-related malformations : Eleonora Aronica, AMC, Amsterdam , Neuroimaging in focal epilepsy-from lesion to networks : Matthias Koepp UCL,  Genetic studies in lesional and non-lesional focal epilepsies Sanjay Sisodiya, University College London, Neuroinflammation and epilepsy; what’s new?  Annamaria Vezzani, Milan and SUDEP-the central role of neuropathology, Maria Thom, University College London.

The Dorothy Russell lecture was  delivered by Professor Ingmar Blumcke, Erlangen University, Germany on the subject of “Future challenges for the neuropathologist in the era of modern epilepsy surgical practice”.

This was followed by a two day programme of talks and posters.

Full details of meeting programme

119th BNS programme of talks

Annual review in Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology February 2018

Epilepsy Neuropathology : From disease mechanisms to classification  https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/toc/13652990/44/1



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