Summer School

wyeHistory of the BNS Summer School (originally the Wye Neuroscience Symposium)
In the early 1960’s Professor Payling Wright, a distinguished histopathologist, felt that neuropathologists were not getting together enough to discuss the science of their subject. Several research bodies, including the Medical Research Council were persuaded to sponsor a neuropathology symposium and the first was held at Wye College in 1965.

Since then, a symposium was held at Wye every 4th year with a break following the millenium as the BNS hosted the International Congress of Neuropathology in 2000.

  • 1st symposium 1965
  • 2nd symposium 1969
  • 3rd symposium 1973
  • 4th symposium 1977
  • 5th symposium 1981
  • 6th symposium 1985
  • 7th symposium 1989
  • 8th symposium 1993
  • 9th symposium 1997
  • 10th symposium 2004
  • 11th symposium 2006
  • 12th Symposium 2009 (Cirencester)
  • 13th Symposium 2011 (Cirencester)
  • 14th Symposium 2013 (Cirencester)
  • 15th Symposium 2015 (Cirencester)
  • 16th Symposium 2017 (Cirencester)

The symposium was funded from sponsorship by several scientific journals and companies.

It became one of the best remembered scientific events in the neuroscience calendar, allowing a very informal mix of workers from basic, veterinary and clinical neuroscience. An excellent scientific content was matched by a restful environment, a fabulous pub by a river and an open-air swimming pool. Fantastic weather was traditionally present, facilitating small-group discussions by the pool.

In 2009, with the closure of Wye College, the BNS decided to continue the symposium – based on the original ethos of Wye – as the BNS Summer School. The first meeting at this venue took place in July 2009.