BNS Meetings

Meetings of the British Neuropathological Society

The scientific meeting of the Society is held in  March  at the Royal College of Physicians with its excellent conference facilities and central London location.  A Society Dinner is  held during the meeting.

Proceedings commence on the afternoon of Wednesday with a half day symposium followed by a reception for those attending.

Abstract submission: Abstracts are submitted online.

On Thursday and Friday there is a full programme of talks and posters.  An outline programme for the meeting is available in November of each year.

Each meeting is supported by a poster presentation.

Memorial Lecture :
Meetings are associated with presentation of one of the Memorial Lectures supported by the BNS.

You will need to register on-line to attend the meeting.

Who should attend
The meeting will be of interest to Neuropathologists, Neurologists and Neuroscientists as it attracts a wide range of speakers from within the UK and abroad. Trainees in Neuropathology and Neurology are particularly encouraged to attend and it is expected that a training meeting will be arranged by Neuropathology trainees on the morning of Wednesday prior to the start of the main meeting.

Why you should attend
The symposium will brings together a number of internationally renowned scientists working in a field of interest in neuropathology At the remainder of the meeting a range of original work will be presented in oral and poster formats covering many aspects of neuropathology and related neuroscience fields. Members of the British Neuropathological Society should take the opportunity to attend the Business Meeting of the Society and also the Professional Affairs Meeting. The annual review of cases from the External Quality Assurance scheme organized by the Society will take place and those who take part in this scheme are encouraged to participate in this process.


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