BNS Committees

BNS Finance and General Purposes Committee

The British Neuropathological Society is run and administered by its Officers and Committee.  The Committee (Finance and General Purposes Committee) meets twice a year to conduct the Business the Society.

At its Annual Meetings a General Society Meeting (the Business Meeting) is held to which all are invited. The Officers of the Society present reports and new members are proposed and accepted.

Minutes of the BNS Committee and contact details of all members are held online in the Archive. This may be accessed by members of the Society who will require a username and password.

If any member requires reminding of the username and password, please contact the

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Clinical Practice Committee

The Clinical Practice Committee of the British Neuropathological Society represents clinical neuropathologists in the UK.

  • To work closely via its members with the Royal College of Pathologists, UK.
  • To be responsible for responding to consultations in relation to postgraduate medical education
  • To be responsible for developing a framework for postgraduate medical education to support general pathology trainees and specialist neuropathology clinical trainees in the UK to required standards .
  • To recommend standards for clinical practice that ensure connection with clinical practice global activity
  • To convene and run an ACCEA Awards Group
  • To link to relevant clinical organisations outside BNS eg IBMS, SBNS, ABN, BNOS.

Documents Online

Minutes of the committee are online in the Online Document Archive. This is password protected and will require the username and password please contact the

A list of contacts for all UK neuropathology clinical services is available online

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Education and Meetings

The Education and Meetings Committee of the British Neuropathological Society is responsible developing the educational agenda of the Society including organising its scientific meetings.

  • Runs the annual meeting of the Society
  • Helps to make arrangements to run the Summer School with the Academic Committee.
  • Responsible for promotion and selection of individuals in relation to the Society named Lectures and Prizes; Dorothy Russell Memorial Lecture, Alfred Meyer Lecture, Cavanagh Prize and Lecture

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Academic Committee

The Academic Committee of the British Neuropathological Society is responsible for developing academic agenda of the Society and ensuring that the interests of basic neuroscience are represented

  • Responsible for administration of the Bursaries and Grants according to the specified regulations decided by the Strategy & Finance Committee and with the oversight of the Hon Treasurer.
  • Responsible for development of resources and initiatives to support research, including interfaces with UKCRN and NIHR
  • Responsible for developing and implementing an outreach programme for academic development and education in neuropathology
  • Maintain links with academic and research groups outside BNS eg BNA, BNOS, ASME
  • Responsible for responding to consultations to BNS and developing initiatives and
  • To develop a schedule of activities to support academic trainees in neuropathology and
  • To work with the Education and Meetings Committee in developing Scientific Programmes Summer Schools.

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